Luke Myers

I am a software engineer with a passion for collaborating with clients, designers, and writing scalable backend to frontend solutions in JavaScript, React.js, Node, and SQL.



Fullstack, Authentication, and Three API's. This web application was made to track, blog, and comment on the International Space Station. The application uses three API ’s. 1) Mapbox 2) NASA ISS location api 3) The cloudinary api so users can upload pictures. Skytracker uses Javascript, Node.js, Postgres DB with sequelize ORM. Express for routing and Axios for CRUD calls. Rendering is powered with HTML, CSS and EJS. The application presents fully functional authentication with passport for token based authorization and Brypt encryption. Feel free to see my GitHub or view the package.json for full list of npm packages.

CoronaVirus Run

CoronaVirus run is a progressive runner video game made with JavaSctipt, jQuery as well as HTML and CSS.

Wonder List

Built with React.js in 24 hours in a team of 3 designers and 3 Developers. A Hackathon event. Wonderlist is an elegant mobile first first design which allows users to choose between a list of landmark images from around the world. They can click on the landmark button to get a location, map and information about the landmark they are viewing. They can like or dislike landmark images to make a favorite list of these places. They can collect a beautiful collection of images from around the world or they can use our app to build a visual travel bucket list of all the places in the world they want to visit and go see. Now with the help of world of beauty the world is open up to all to view and explore.

Pressert Marketing

The Pressert Marketing website is a multi-page site that is mobile responsive with leading edge graphics and web design practices. Feel free to explore and see all of the pages that I built.


This is some information about me. Take a look inside.


My favorite artist is the American artist, Alex Grey. I have a passion for music and I think music video's are an amazing means of expression. I am very interested in the study of spirituality and the human mind and I am also author of the book, " Gnostic Visions."



I was born and raised in Santa Barbara California. I left home at the age of 17 to join the US Navy. I fought in Operation Enduring Freedom for September 11th 2001. After leaving the service I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a hard working and creative person and I fit so well into this amazing place of innovation and creation.

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